Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another one I have to tell on myself...

The Idaho panhandle was hit with the first major winter storm of the season night-before-last. I had a couple of errands to run yesterday evening, and Lyle very kindly agreed to drive for me. We stopped at Papa Murphy's to pick up a take-and-bake pizza for supper. Just before I got out I asked him what kind of pizza he was in the mood for.

"Oh... pepperoni, I guess. Can you get one that's half pepperoni and half chicken or something?" Pepperoni's his favorite, but he knows I like garlic chicken better.

"I think so. I'll see," I told him. As I went in I noticed that the special was for a 5-meat stuffed pizza for the same price as their regular pizzas. The stuffed pizzas are bigger, so I made the executive decision to get that instead. I knew he wouldn't care.

Before long they called my name, so I picked up my pizza and went sashaying out the door into the blizzard. (Okay, it was just more of a flurry at the moment, but maybe it won't make me look quite so air-headed if we say it was snowing and blowing. Oh, and dark. Did I mention it was dark? It gets dark around 4:00 p.m. these days. So it was dark.)

I dashed over to the Dodge Ram that was idling in the parking lot and pulled open the door on the passenger side. I took a breath to start my spiel about how the stuffed pizza was on special and so that's why I didn't get pepperoni and all that. Then I noticed the driver had on a stocking cap. Lyle never wears stocking caps. Whoa! He was also smoking a cigarette! Um. Lyle definitely does not smoke. What happened to my husband?? And why is this stranger in our truck?? [Maybe it was Joe!] Then I realized-- this was not our truck. "Whoops!" I said, as I quickly shut the door and backed away. The weird thing was all these thoughts went through my head in a split second because the stranger/driver never even noticed that I opened the door. Maybe he noticed me closing it. I don't know because I was gone.

Lyle was sitting in the RAV4 which was parked next to the Dodge Ram. I had forgotten that we had traded rigs last week. I still have to think about what vehicle to look for in a parking lot, and obviously I wasn't thinking at the time! So instead of telling him about the pizza deal, I had to tell him how I almost got in the truck with the wrong man. Oh, dear!

What makes it really bad is that a Dodge Ram was our vehicle-before-last. It's been almost 2 years since we had it. But still, a Toyota Tundra is pretty close. At least in my mind, a big ol' truck is a big ol' truck.

But this:
This is what we drive now.

Must remember.

I'm such a ditz sometimes!


Aliene said...

Well, well! I'm not the only one in the family half nuts. I'll fill you in on my boo-boo sometimes. More than one, really. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Love you.

Farrah said...

OOPS! I walked up to a car that pulled up to the curb and nearly opened their door before realizing it wasn't Greg . . . and I've walked away with others' carts a few times . . . but your blooper definitely tops mine!

pse said...

That is so funny!