Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Gilligan's Island

My kids have been hooked on watching Gilligan's Island on TVLand lately. They get such a kick out of it. I think Gilligan's slap-stick antics tickle them more than anything else. What tickles me is not so much the fact that those poor castaways could never seem to manage to get rescued, but that they could always turn on the radio right after their most recent chance slipped away, and hear exactly what happened to their would-be rescuer! I mean, right that minute, the one-and-only station they could tune into just happened to be broadcasting the news which just happened to include a report from the South Pacific!

I found this website about Gilligan's Island and enjoyed this blurb on their welcome page:

Welcome to the "Gilligan's Island Fan Club" run by the 7 stranded castaways. The Professor found a way to make a computer out of coconuts and bamboo shoots located near the lagoon. Broken transmitter parts were also salvaged and used to make excellent conductors. During a heavy storm a telephone cable was washed ashore and we tapped into the internet in hopes that somebody would find us (The 300 baud modem was built from an old projector). The computer isn't the prettiest thing in the world but it works. Oh I almost forgot to mention..... SEND HELP!!!

LOL! They're still stranded but they managed to access the internet! What more could they need?

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