Monday, April 1, 2002

Easter weekend

We made the "Resurrection Cookies" on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I hadn't read the recipe thoroughly enough to "get" the part about "beat on high speed for 12 to 15 minutes until high peaks are formed"... I had just checked to make sure I had the ingredients, and then just jumped in. The bad thing about it is, I don't currently have an electric mixer!! Good thing I had the foresight to ask DH to join us for this project. I had him reading the scripture verses as the kids and I mixed up the recipe. And then we ended up having to beat those egg whites by hand!!! Do you have any idea how long it takes to form stiff peaks beating by hand? A long time. DH and I took turns for a full 30 minutes, beating until our arm got tired then handing it back and forth. But it was worth it! The "cookies" turned out perfectly! The only thing is, I wouldn't exactly call them cookies. They are actually kinda like divinity candy. Maybe we should change the name of the recipe to "Resurrection Confections"! Yummy!

I also made the bunny cake. DH took the kids out for two or three hours on Saturday morning, so I made it and had it sitting on the table for them when they came home. The kids were very impressed!

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