Monday, April 22, 2002

My Cooking Marathon Day

I decided to try the once-a-month cooking method. I've had the "Freezer Cooking Manual from 30-Day Gourmet" for over a year, and while I've tried several of the recipes in it, I still hadn't tried doing a mega-cooking session. Today was the day! I didn't attempt a month at a time, but I think this should last us a couple of weeks any way... taking into account a few left-over and sandwich type meals.

Today I made---> 6 Sausage/Egg Muffin sandwiches... 2 Lasagna casseroles... 1 Rice Pie... 1 batch of Taco Rice for burritos or taco salad... 1 Chicken Divan... 1 Chicken Supreme... 1 Sausage/Rice casserole... and 2 pizzas!!!!!!

I also cooked---> 10 pounds chicken parts... 5 pounds ground beef... 3 pounds of sausage... and 9 cups of rice... some of which I used in the above dishes, and some I just bagged up to have pre-cooked in the freezer.

...I'm pooped!!!

The thing is, now I don't want to eat all these wonderful dishes I have my freezer... I just want to admire them!

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