Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Make new friends, but keep the old..."

The homeschool convention this past weekend was good... but the highlight for me can be described in one word: Friends. What a treasure!

Did you ever meet someone that you just immediately clicked with? You could tell right away that you were "kindred spirits"? It doesn't happen very often, but I met just such a friend in another booth at the homeschool convention this weekend. Gayle and her family have a hospitality-oriented business/ministry, Refreshed Hearts, that drew me to their booth. They are retailers for Feed on the Word scripture dinnerware. Isn't it just so elegant and meaningful? Naturally it caught my eye so I stopped to browse... and struck up a conversation with Gayle. As we visited we discovered we had many things in common. We didn't have time to say everything we would have liked to, so we exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch.

Gayle is just getting started in blogging, so I shared some ideas with her. She was very excited. Do me a favor and stop by her blog, Refreshings, and leave a comment to encourage her!

Here's to new friends! But don't forget the old!

We recently found out that Allen and Canda, friends of ours from college days (close to 25 years ago!), had moved from Pennsylvania to Idaho, so we got in touch and made arrangements to stop and see them on our way through their area as we headed home. They invited us to eat lunch with them, and we had such a good visit! We couldn't remember exactly how many years it had been since we had seen them... 15 or 20, anyway. After such a long time, you would think reconnecting might be a little awkward, but it wasn't. We just picked up right where we left off... and marveled at how many years have gone by so quickly. The kids even hit it off and had a great time playing together. We hope to get together with them again later this summer.

Another highlight of the weekend was the chance we had to get together with my brothers and their families. We hadn't seen them since this time last year, so it was good to catch up. We also enjoyed reminiscing from our childhood and making all the in-laws laugh at our crazy stories.

Our little niece is two-and-a-half and just adorable. It was so much fun to watch her and talk to her. "C'mon! Le's go see duh ducks! C'mon!" She also enjoyed climbing in and out of our "big white t'uck" (the travel-trailer). Such a cutie... and growing up fast!


Brumbemom said...

I totally know what you mean. It is just that feeling that you get when you know that this person really "gets" you. Friends, old and new, are definitely what makes life so rich!

Dori said...

Oh how fun! Wish I could have been there with our brothers to share the laughter. I sure miss the Idahoians! Love those plates! Would love see any pictures of your travels. (that means send me a photo slide show please)

LaRona said...

Here's to your deft ability to steer.... and to "their" ability to misplace necessary mechanical parts...=)

gayle said...

Hi Karla!
Bless your heart...thank you for your kindness and encouragement! My post about the convention was also about the sweet new friendships the Lord has given us, and my only regret was not having my husband take a photo of you and me together so I could post it with the other pictures! I guess we're still learning how to be good "bloggers" and take the right photos. TTYS!
Blessings, *gayle*

Toots said...

Surely enjoyed this post!

miss gracies house said...

Yes, she (Gayle) is a peach...hopitality just oozes from her:)
I'll be back to visit more...