Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #27 - "O"

Continuing with my alphabet theme, here are 13 things in my life that start with the letter O:
  1. Oatmeal Cookies. My favorite.
  2. Occupation. I love being a wife and mother!
  3. Ocean. I have been to the Pacific coast several times, but I've never seen the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Ohio. Where I graduated from high school.
  5. Oklahoma. Where my mother grew up.
  6. Old Time Radio. I have enjoyed listening to the old radio dramas and comedies for years.
  7. Oliver. One of our gold fish! (You needed to know that, right?)
  8. Open Road. My family and I love road trips.
  9. Orange. A favorite fruit. A not-so-favorite color.
  10. Organ. I had one semester of organ lessons in college. I never could get the hang of playing the bass notes with my foot!
  11. Organization. Something I strive for.
  12. Origins. Genealogy is fascinating to me.
  13. Owl. My mother-in-law gave me an owl string-art that my husband made when he was a teen-ager. She collected owls.


Barbara H. said...

I have the same occupation -- and I love it. :-) And I do love oatmeal cookies and the ocean. I am not a fan of road trips, though.

pse said...

Oh, my, such a great list of O's. I like them all too.

A Romantic Porch said...

Those are so interesting, once again. i like reading what you think of. xorachel

Brumbemom said...

I've seen both, Atlantic and Pacific, and the Pacific has the Atlantic beat Hands down! I've never seen like up in the Maine area though. I would imagine it is quite beautiful!
I have to disagree with barbara h. though, road trips are the best!

Farrah said...

I think you did quite well with the o's! Oh! Oh! Ornery oranges oaring out on orange ovens!