Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Two names I go by:
  1. Karla
  2. Mrs. C
Two things I'm wearing right now:
  1. dress
  2. scrunchy
Two of my favorite things today:
  1. drinking coffee with my husband this morning
  2. going for a walk with my girls
Two things I want at the moment:
  1. a fresh cup of coffee
  2. a nap
Two favorite pets I have had:
  1. Cookie, our sweet border-collie/beagle
  2. Murphy, our previous dog, a terrier mix
Two people I hope will fill this out:
  1. Farrah
  2. Gayle
Two things I did last night:
  1. worked on my craft projects for the "I Remember Laura" swap
  2. talked to my husband
Two things I ate last night:
  1. chef salad
  2. popcorn
Two people I last talked to:
  1. my husband
  2. my daughter
Two things I am doing tomorrow:
  1. working
  2. cleaning house
Two farthest trips I have taken in the last 5 years:
  1. Road trip from north Idaho, south through Utah and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, then west to the coast, and north up the coast of California, then angled across Oregon home again! (2006)
  2. Road trip from north Idaho, east across Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, south to Missouri for a family reunion, then through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana home again! (2007)
Two favorite holidays:
  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Easter
Two favorite beverages:
  1. caramel macchiato
  2. Coca-Cola
Feel free to copy it to your blog and insert your answers. If you, let me know. I'd love to see what you come up with.


michelle said...

I decided to "borrow" your meme and take part. You can find my post here. http://www.northofthe49.com/blog/?p=371


Farrah said...

Mine is up! :-)