Saturday, July 10, 2010

Security Risk

Yesterday I lied about my age. I surely didn't intend to. I honestly forgot how old I am. So when the doctor asked, I just immediately said, "43," and we continued our conversation. On the way home I realized that I am actually 44. I must have been 43 the last time I thought about it. Which would have been sometime before last November. I thought about calling the doctor back to confess, but I decided that my actual birthdate on my chart was probably sufficient in the way of restitution.

Not only am I a liar, though, it seems I'm a shoplifting suspect at Wal-Mart as well. Last Saturday evening Lyle and I made a quick Wal-Mart run. The little slidey-thing on the side of the memory card for the camera had broken off, so we needed to get a new one before our 4th of July adventure, as well as picnic supplies. As we went in the store I said, "Now don't let me forget to pay for ice when we check out." Naturally we both forgot, but I did remember just as we finished paying, so I just paid in a separate transaction. Lyle went ahead and pushed the cart on out of the aisle and waited for me by the ice box. Then we took our 2 bags of ice and other shopping bags and headed out of the store.

We didn't get very far because the security buzzers went off as we went through, and the friendly greeter person asked to see our receipts. That's when I remembered that I hadn't bothered to wait for my receipt on the ice. I asked if ice would set of the buzzers. She said, "It might!" so I went back to the cashier and asked for my receipt. Told her I got stopped at the door. She laughed and gave me the receipt. And so we got the go-ahead to legitimately leave the store. I'm sure the greeter person thought we were trying to get by without paying for the ice, and that I just paid for it when I went back to ask for my receipt.

After I thought about it, I was pretty sure it couldn't have been the ice that set off the security buzzers. You always just grab the ice out of the ice box on your way out the door. There's nothing that deactivates a security device. Then I remembered the memory card. Sure enough, there was one of those tiny little whatchamacallits that the cashier is supposed swipe over the clunker thingy when you check out. That had to be it.

I think.

I'm not really sure.

Because yesterday the same thing happened to me. I ran in Wal-Mart to pick up a DVD set we had ordered through their website. Went to the back counter to pick up my order. Then picked up some other merchandise, and this time I remembered before I paid that we needed ice again. I checked out, picked up my ice, and got stopped by the rude buzzer at the door again! The greeter lady recognized the Site-to-Store wrapper and asked if it was a DVD. Then she just made a note on her clipboard and sent me on my way.

Apparently they don't deactivate the security gizmo at the Site-to-Store counter.

Unless it really was the ice.


pse said...

I tried to not raise any liars and thieves! What did I do wrong?

Laura said...

Hello Karla,
Just thought I might be able to give you some mom...87 years old...obviously a notorious wal-mart thief!...kept setting off the buzzer recently. Finally they checked her pocketbook...there was something in her wallet that was setting it off. You might try this...just a thought.
Isn't it funny how we can feel so "guilty" when we really aren't!

Tess said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this post. It was the ice.. it had to be the ice.. right?