Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My World Travels

My friend, Tess @ Circling Through This Life, posted a map of where she's been. I've been in a lot of states, so I thought it would be fun to do mine. I wasn't expecting my map to look quite so full...
...but the truth is, while I've covered a lot of miles, there are still 11 states I haven't been in, because of all those little bitty New England states! I hope to visit the other 11 sometime, but no concrete plans at present.

Where else in the world have I been? Well, not many places, to be sure... I got to go on a day trip to Mexico once, way back in the fall of 1984. My husband-to-be and I were on a road-trip from California to Missouri. We spent the night with friends in Yuma, Arizona. (Since we were not yet married, we did not stay in motels on that trip.) Our friends took us across the border just so we could say we had been to Mexico. We had lunch in a little cafe and drank bottled Coke with our tacos. And so, I can say I've been to Mexico. But that's about all.
My family lived in Lansing, Michigan for a couple years when I was a little girl. While we lived there we visited Windsor, Ontario a couple of times. And then, I've been to British Columbia a few times since we've lived in Idaho. Not recently, though, because crossing the border now requires a passport... which I don't have.
There you have it... The sum total of my world travels! If I ever have the opportunity to leave the continent, I think my first choice of places to visit would be England. But, of course, I'd have to get a passport first.

To get your own map click here. If you do post about where you’ve been leave a link in my comments so I can check it out!


Tess said...

Your US map is very impressive! Someday I hope to travel to New England and to the Southwest so I can get those states I missed as well.

A Romantic Porch said...

That's neat Karla. I don't know if I can remember the states I've been in. I landed in the airport in Denver Colorado once. Does that count? When I get a passport...hopefully my first stop will be Prince Edward Island! xorachel

Jan said...

I love this post, Karla! I think I will give it a try as well. Matt and I got to go on the truck with Rick quite a few times when he was driving 48; and I think it would be fun to lay out those states that we visited. I will see if I am smart enough to get it posted. ;-)