Sunday, April 3, 2011

99 Little Doilies

 I'm not still "into" the Victorian decorating style that was so popular in the 1990s, but I still like my vintage doilies. I like the way they look under a vase or knick-knack on a shelf. And I love making them! Still, I have to admit, there's a limit to the number of doilies one room needs.

Not too long ago, I saw an article about how "housewives" used to crochet edges on fabric circles to place between their china plates when they put them away. Since I have a small collection of lovely vintage dishes, I immediately decided that I "needed" to crochet doilies to stack between my dishes!
I have had the 99 Little Doilies pattern book on my wish list for awhile, so I was excited when it finally became available on Paperback Swap. I have several partial balls of crochet thread of various colors stashed here and there, so I've set a goal of making each of the 99 doilies in the book in order, and posting a picture of each one as I finish it. I'm sure it will take awhile! Even at one a week, that's pushing 2 years. And I seriously doubt I finish one a week... because, you know me, I can never have just one project going at a time.

Even with my Great Need for doilies to go between my dishes, I definitely don't need 99 of them! So I expect I'll be giving some away as gifts. I dunno, though. Does anybody besides me still like doilies?

I'm also still working on the curtain for my bedroom. The socks aren't finished either. And I'm still carrying around a bit of tatting. But I did finish a pretty pink cape for my daughter to go with her graduation dress. I'll show you a picture once I get the hook-and-eyes sewed on and get it pressed. She's happy with it.


A Romantic Porch said...

wow Karla, You are amazing. How do you get everything done? xo rachel

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

LOL! It's called multi-tasking! Actually, I sometimes crochet when I'm on the phone... and I always carry it around with me, so I have it handy any time I'm in a "waiting" situation.

pse said...

I love 'em and use 'em!

Diane Mars said...

Beautiful~ I have never learned to crochet, but I bet it is fun, stop by I am having a giveaway! oxox, Diane

Kristenph said...

I love to crochet with thread. I like it much better than yarn. I will have to take a look at that book!

Threeundertwo said...

This is a great idea! I've been crocheting snowflakes to give at Christmas but now I want plate separators too. I'm going to look for this book.