Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beyond Bedding - product review

We're counting down the days until Laura gets home. According to Li'l Sis it's just 11 more days. We've missed her this summer. But while she's been gone we've taken the opportunity to re-decorate her room. Don't worry. We had her permission.
When we first moved into this house 3 years ago, Laura wanted her room to be green and purple and blue. Her PaPa helped her paint it and she had it all fixed up just the way she wanted it. It was very cute for a young teen.
A few months ago she began to talk about redecorating. It seems she has outgrown the "bubblegum" colors and wanted something softer and more feminine. We got her different bedroom furniture for graduation, but she hadn't made any definite choices as to color and theme. As she began to consider what she would like to go with, I was offered the opportunity to review a bedding set from Beyond Bedding. It's primarily a children's bedding company, but as I looked at their selections I saw a few designs I thought Laura might like, so I sent her the link and told her to let me know her choice. She was thrilled!
After considerable discussion and contemplation we settled on a lovely pink-and-brown set. It came with the bed skirt, the comforter, pillow sham, and window valance. We love the toile design accented with the polka dots. My favorite feature is the pink chenille edging. (They also have polka-dot crib bedding, so you could go with this same design for a baby's room, if you wanted.)
So... the design is lovely. Laura and I are both very pleased with how her "room makeover" turned out (though, of course, she has only seen pictures so far). The main downside so far is that the fabric seems to wrinkle easily. It was wrinkled when I took it out of the bag and I had to iron it pretty hard to get it to look nice, especially the valance and bed skirt. I expect that will need doing every time it's washed, which won't be all that often, but still... The overall quality is about what you would expect for the price. Not top-of-the-line, but adequate for children's bedding which they will probably tire of or out-grow before it wears out.

In exchange for the bedding set, I was asked to give an honest review and to mention that Beyond Bedding also carries toddler sports bedding, western cowboy bedding, and zebra print bedding. Something for just about everybody's taste!

P.S. The net "canopy" is leftover from Before. I'm trying to decide how to disguise the splashy flowers with something more "vintage." Any suggestions?


pse said...

Could you replace the flowers with butterflies. Maybe pretend they are they vintage!

Jan said...

Beautiful! It looks like her!

A Romantic Porch said...

How about sewing some of your cute little doileys over each flower. They would sorta look like lacey polkadots!