Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Setting Up Shop

Do you shop at Etsy? If you like hand-made and/or vintage treasures, you really should! Some of my friends and relatives have had shops for awhile, but I hadn't spent much time there until recently. Then I got hooked, and decided to set up my own shop: I'm having so much fun! It's quite addictive, I have to admit.
I've been going through a batch of charming vintage dress patterns, checking them for completeness, and scanning the envelope pictures to list. I've been a little surprised at how well they are selling. I thought I was probably the only one who just loved looking at old dress patterns.
I've also listed several sets of cotton crocheted washcloths that I made as a complement to my friend Cathy's hand-made-from-scratch soaps. She has a brand-new Etsy shop, too: Log Cabin Soaps. I have used her soaps and they are wonderful!
Now I'm trying to decide what other crocheted projects to offer... maybe vintage-style kitchen accessories (dish cloths and potholders)?
...or baby booties?
...or some of my 99 Little Doilies?

What do you think would sell? I'd really appreciate the input.

Also, if you have an Etsy shop, be sure and tell me about it, so I can visit and add you to my Circle!


Dori said...

I would certainly sell those booties! SO beautiful.

pse said...

I too love looking at the patterns.

Aliene said...

I just might look and see what I have that I can open a etsy shop.
Love the booties. Have do you determine the prices?