Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Summer has arrived at last. I'm ready. Way past ready actually.

We had a busy spring and our summer is shaping up to be equally full, but it's time to shift gears. I attended five homeschool conventions this spring: one in Colorado, one in Idaho, and three in Washington. It was a great season, but I'm glad to be finished for now and moving on to other projects.

We've had more rainy days that not this spring. At least it seems that way. Yesterday was the first day of summer, and apparently, the sun finally got the hint and decided to stick around-- hopefully for more than just a day or two this time. It's currently 78 and sunny. You couldn't ask for weather any nicer than that for the end of June.

And so, we're going camping. Finally. Can you believe we haven't been on one single camping trip yet this year? It's true. We did take the trailer to an RV park in Spokane one night over the Memorial Day weekend, but that doesn't count as camping.

Funny story how that little jaunt came about. Lyle, as many of you know, is a big fan of auto racing. He follows IndyCar, Formula One, and NASCAR (in that order, I think). However, we don't have cable or satellite channels so he only gets to watch the few races that are broadcast on the networks. Memorial Day weekend is the biggest race weekend of the year, with the Indy 500 and all. Of course, that race is on a network channel, as is the NASCAR race that weekend. However, the Formula One race in Europe is not. So he was debating about whether it would be worth it to sign up for satellite just so he could have more races to watch. He does work awfully hard (usually 60+ hours per week) and that is really the only thing that is "just for him" that he takes time to do on the weekends. After discussing it and thinking it over, we decided that it still isn't worth $60 or more a month just to have access to the Speed channel. (Now, if the satellite companies would let us pick, say, our favorite 10 channels for the bottom tier, that would be a no-brainer. But no, the one channel Lyle wants is only available in the highest tier. Of course.)

Anyway. I came up with the brilliant idea that we could find an RV Park with cable television, and go stay there the night of the race. Sure it's expensive for just one race, but it comes out cheaper than a month of satellite. So I called around to see who had the Speed channel. The first three I called only had basic cable, but I did finally find one about 30 miles away with Speed.

Ya know? It turned out to be a relaxing little get-away. It was a fun family outing... with an indoor pool for the kids. Win-win. I expect we'll do it again before long.

Now I need to go finish stocking the trailer again. We're headed to the woods this time. No hook-ups. No television. Just nature... and family.

 Ahhh... summertime!


Farrah said...

Cute story. We went through a similar line of reasoning when we considered buying a truck. The rare times we'd need one, it would be cheaper to rent!

Camping in the woods . . . that sounds SO nice! Have a great time!!

Jan said...

Great idea! And it sounds like such a fun time! Pretty photo, too!
Did Laura take it?

Yes! I hope summer stays around this time. :-)