Monday, June 11, 2012

Yeah, It's a Blanket!

I crocheted this afghan for one of my nieces for her graduation this spring. I got the idea from Natasha Marie who shared that she got the pattern from the Crochet World magazine site. I loved the way the rows of color look like little hearts. I made my own modifications by choosing black for my main color, rather than off-white, and crocheting a shell edging all around instead of a fringe on the ends. I though it turned out pretty.

Funny story: I had it wrapped and ready to deliver to my niece. My daughter asked what was in the package. I reminded her that it was "the afghan I've been working on for Missy."

"Oh!" she said. "I thought you were making her a blanket!"


Jan said...


Natasha Marie said...

Oh, it's absolutely beautiful! Black as the main color looks fabulous! I love the hearts, too:)

Sheila DelCharco said...

It's lovely Karla! What a splendid gift!