Friday, January 11, 2013


I have been receiving some gentle nudges that it's time to blog again. The thing is, in my mind, blogging should be story-telling. If I wanted to just talk about the weather or what we had for dinner, I could just tweet about that... or post it to Facebook... and be done. Blogging is more fun for me because I love stories!  And sometimes I just haven't got a story. So that's where Frag-Blogging comes in. You can blame Mrs. 4444 and Keetha! Somehow they've managed to convince me that it's okay to gather up a bunch of fragmented pieces of almost-stories, weave them together, and voila! Blog-worthy story!
And so, we've had snow. Well, duh. It's January. In Idaho. So, yeah. There ya go.

I have to admit, there's something magical about watching falling snow pile up. I am kinda enjoying the way it's been coming this year. We've had several snowstorms with thaws in between, which keeps the white stuff fresh and pretty.
Cookie likes to lie in the window and watch the snow... and keep an eye out for any interesting passersby. She loves in play in the snow when it's deep and fresh. She pounces around in it like a puppy, rather than the more sedate 7-year-old lady dog she usually is. It is very fun to watch her.
What's not so fun is driving in it, though the snow plows are pretty good about keeping the main roads cleared off. The snow was coming down pretty heavy on Monday morning as Becky and I headed back to co-op.

Speaking of co-op, since this is a fragmented post, this term I am helping with a class of little girls (1st to 3rd grade) who are learning to crochet. Let me rephrase that. They are "learning" to crochet. See the difference? They think they are learning. Mostly they sit and hold their balls of yarn and crochet hooks, and giggle. One-by-one, the other teacher and I put our arms around them to guide their little hands to hold the hook and manipulate the yarn in just the right way, while they watch intently. I don't think they've caught on much yet, but this was just the first class. It will be interesting to see what progress they make by the end of 8 weeks.

On to the next fragment... Tuesday evening we had a birthday dinner at Olive Garden.
Our family had received a gift card to Olive Garden for Christmas, so we decided to go there for Laura's birthday. We also invited her BFF to join us.
And while they are "grown up" young ladies, legally adults and all that... they mostly just sat and giggled. Wonder when they outgrow the giggle stage?

Anyway, it was a lovely dinner.

Other than that, we've mostly just kept the home-fires burning (figuratively, since we don't have a real fireplace)... fought a virus that's going around...
...and tried to stay warm!

Hope you're having a good January!
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Farrah said...

I love your Friday Fragments posts! Maybe I'll join one of these weeks. =)

My January is going great now that I'm not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

A Romantic Porch said... now. I guess I should just be frag blogging then since my recent posts have been about the weather and an attempt at what was for dinner!

Bee said...

Cookie is so cute! I'm over 40 and was giggling with my SIL at our in-laws during Christmas, so I don't know if we ever truly grow out of it.

Jan said...

Great photos! I love your Friday Fragments. It's fun to see what you have been up to. Hope the girls NEVER outgrow giggling...glad Laura had a nice birthday. Love, love, love that Cookie...

Hi Farrah!

Keetha Broyles said...

I got ANOTHER shout out in your post??? Wow, I MUST be special. ;-)

Your snow is gorgeous. We had fog and rain today which is threatening to melt all our snow. Man, I HOPE it gets cold again soon and SNOWS more.

For some reason FH doesn't enjoy The Olive Garden. More's the pity - - - I think the food on their commercials is droolishous!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am so jealous of that beautiful snow but I know I should be careful what I wish and pray for. I'm sure it is a coming.
You reminded me that we got an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas too...hmm..maybe tomorrow the day before our diets start:)
My 3 girls are in their 30's and when we get together there is a lot of giggling if we include the 6 grand daughters its giggle overload. It drives all the 'guys' a bit nuts.
Have a great weekend!!

Life in a Small Town said...

Snow. *sigh*
I really wish we'd get some...I need a break! (okay, we've only been back from break for 2 weeks, but I need snow!)