Saturday, January 5, 2013

People Watching

Last Saturday afternoon Lyle and I had a little date at a coffee shop I had recently discovered and wanted to take him to. Coffee dates are perfect for the early dark evenings this time of year. We enjoyed relaxing on a cushy couch while we sipped our lattes, chatted, and played Words with Friends on our phones with each other. We also like to eavesdrop on other people's conversations. Can I admit that without seeming stalkerish?

On one side of us was a group of college-age kids discussing a worship service they were planning. In the seating area on the other side of us was a couple apparently on a date. Their conversation seemed to be of casual get-to-know-you topics and nervous chuckles. I couldn't see them from where I was sitting, but I was curious to know what they looked like. Without being too obvious (hopefully), I glanced over their way when I got up to go the restroom. Turns out they were a nice-looking, casually dressed 30-something couple. 

People watching and eavesdropping on strangers is just so interesting to me.
So this morning, we went out for breakfast. We tried a new-to-us place, a little cafe that a friend had recommended. It was several blocks from the coffee shop we went to last week.

Just as we were finishing our meal, I recognized a familiar face across the room. Where had I seen that guy before? Then I remembered: it was the guy at the coffee shop. I peered around Lyle to see if his lady friend was with him. Sure enough, she was! So they are still together a week later... and going out for breakfast.

I don't suppose I'll ever see them again to know how their romance turns out. 

I wonder how many people we cross paths with multiple times like that without ever noticing?

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Denise said...

Aha! Another reason we are kindred spirits and friends for so long! Maybe that couple could be in your novel? Enjoy your snow. Ours is about all melted and we are enjoying sunshine and temps into the 60's tomorrow...before winter returns next week! ;) These little winter breaks were created for me to get my bulbs planted since I always run out of time in the fall! :)