Friday, August 30, 2002

Cache Art, Study in Camo 2

This cache was located in a park close to the print shop where my husband works. The kids and I went back several times before we found it...

July 21, 2002: Well, it goes against my grain to post a Not Found but I suppose to be fair, I should report that we attempted to find this one, but finally had to give up... for the day anyway! After about 2 hours of wandering around in circles in the blazing hot afternoon sun, we finally decided to cool off and try again another day. I guess we're not yet up to niskibum's sneakiness! Looking forward to posting a Found It! soon!

August 30, 2002: I found it! I found it!! I'm still not gonna tell you how many times I went back to look for it. (Although, I did confess in the actual cache log.) Great hide... and it's been such a fun challenge! Now, on to the next challenge!

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