Sunday, August 18, 2002

Snakepit Cache

We placed our first cache today, and when we checked back later to see if it had been approved, we saw this brand-new one. Another rookie cache within 10 miles of the one we placed! At the beginning of the summer there were no caches in Shoshone County... now there are several!!

We've been waiting a year for this bike trail to open up, so were very excited to see a cache there. We grabbed the bikes and took off. Beautiful bike ride! The segments that we've been on so far promise that this is going to be a really great bike trail when it's all opened up. (RacerDude tells me it's due to be officially open by the end of September!!)

Great spot for a cache. It was late in the evening so we didn't take a picnic, but it would sure be a good place for one! Oh... and we decided to pass on the mountain oysters!!!

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