Sunday, August 25, 2002

Cache Bash

The Cache Bash picnic was fun!! We had a great time. The girls loved the kids' cache and had a great time playing afterwards. Then I left Racerdude at the shelter to watch the kids and took off after the multi-cache. For the first three I just kinda let the arrow point me in the right direction and then headed toward where-ever the crowd seemed to be gathered. Lobo said he'd seen me do that before! LOL! (We came upon them on one of our early caches.) After the slime cache I decided to strike off on my own and head for the other coordinates that for some reason most people didn't seem to be going for. Wonder why? Along the way I met up with Rick (not sure what his screen name is) and we had a great time hiking up (and then back down) a completely unneccesary mountain! Back down by the river we met up with Donad_D and another guy (not sure who it was, sorry), so the four of us thrashed around in the bushes looking for the elusive something else. I finally found it cuddled up against a log, snuggly wrapped in pine needles and bark. I pulled it out but when I saw that it said, This is not the final cache. You don't want to open this. Really you don't. I convinced Rick that HE wanted to! Lovely screech!!! THEN Donad_D tells us that he and the other guy KNEW it was not the final cache. They'd already been to the final one and gotten their tickets. They just wanted to see what something else was! SO Rick and I backtrack to the real final cache and after just a little bit of searching we got our tickets, too!

Oh, and there were a couple of guys eating their lunch down by the river who asked me exactly what we were trying to accomplish! I was glad I was with a bunch of other idiots thrashing around in the bushes looking at our little gizmos! I just told them we were playing a game, looking for a hidden box using coordinates. They probably still thought we were idiots!

Back at the shelter we enjoyed good food and good company. Great bunch of people! RacerDude and I later commented on how interesting it was that it was such a diverse group of people. Lotta fun!

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