Saturday, August 17, 2002

Saturday Geocaching

Osprey Point: We loved this cache! Not too long of a hike. Not too hard to find. Great hiding spot! Great view! The kids played in the lake for a little bit and we took a few minutes just to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Mustang #1: We took the long way in (unintentionally). It was a nice hike, but kind of a hot day for it. By the time we reached the cache location we were huffin' and puffin'! RacerDude gets the credit for finding this one. Good hiding spot!

Tubb's Hill Cache: Interesting to find an active cache that's so old. (I guess a year can be called old, huh?) Still a pretty good little cache. This was our second one on Tubb's Hill today. Found Mustang 1, also. After a long hike all the way around the hill it was nice to have 2 caches to look for!

Cache Art, Study in Camo 1: Boy, was I tickled to find this one on the first try, after the luck I've been having with Camo 2!!! I actually discovered this one myself, then I quickly rehid it and called RacerDude over to see if he could recognize it. He did, after I pointed him in the right direction. Love the camo! Reckon the Wall gallery has more works of a similar nature?

We were a little baffled as to why this area has a sign proclaiming it a park... but whatever! LOL!

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