Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dried Rose Petals

My husband bought me a dozen roses of mixed colors for our anniversary last fall. They were so pretty and smelled so sweet, that I hated to see them begin to drop their petals after a few days.
I decided to dry the petals to save, but I wasn't sure what I would do with them. Dried rose petals don't have a very strong fragrance and in fact just smell kinda dusty. Then I had a bright idea! I bought rose-scented potpourri oil (available at WalMart in the floral department for $2 or $3) and sprinkled them with that. Voila! Rose potpourri that actually smells good! So I'm still enjoying my anniversary roses all these months later.

I decided to share this idea this week for the benefit of any of you that may have received roses for Valentine's Day, on my very first post for:

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