Friday, February 16, 2007


My "most recently started" knitting project is a "Light and Lovely Boucle Wrap" using a free pattern from Joann's. One of my friends was knitting this shawl last week using a different yarn than the pattern called for, but I was curious to see what the "Rainbow Boucle" yarn was like. I stopped by Joann's to take a look. It was lovely! And a HUGE 11 ounce skein (enough to make the whole shawl!) for $8. So I decided to try it. Then when I got up to check out, the cashier rang it up using a 40% off coupon which made it only $5! At that price, I can make shawls for everybody I know! (Okay, not really... but still... that's a great price for that much yarn!)

I bought the dark blue. I guess they call it "tonal". It's kinda like variegated but much more subtle. It starts of dark blue and then stays dark blue for yards and yards, gradually beginning to lighten just barely until it is eventually light blue, and then back again. (I assume. I haven't gotten that far along on the project yet.)

Other projects in the works include a sweater for my daughter (finished except for the the front band), and 2 different cotton throws. Yes, I will finish everything. I'm not one to start a bunch of projects and then never finish them. I just get bored working on the same thing all the time, so I switch back and forth between them! I read books the same way!

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