Monday, May 7, 2007

A bird in the house

Somebody tell me... How common is it to have a bird fly into your house? It happened to us yesterday for the second time in about a year. The weird thing is, we live in a different house than we did the other time. I have no idea how the thing got in... either time. Yesterday, I was downstairs and heard some violent flapping but just thought it was a bird flying into a nest up under the eaves or something. Then I heard some pitter-patting scrambling noises (as a cat would make running and pouncing) in the room above my head, and the dog (who was downstairs with me) took off up the stairs. I still had no idea what was going on, but I couldn't let the dog be braver than me... so I followed her upstairs. I was on the phone with my mother at the time and no doubt that lent me extra courage. She lives in Arkansas, 1800 miles away, so I'm not sure what she could have done for me, but it seemed safer somehow!

By the time I got to the top of the stairs, both the cat and the dog were in hot pursuit of a little barn swallow that was flying frantically about the room. I knew I wouldn't be able to catch it, so my thought was to open the window and hope it would eventually fly out. Before I could figure out how to remove the screen, however, our pets had it down for the count. It was still alive but its eyes were closed and it was panting. I carefully picked it up and carried it outside. I didn't know if it would get better and fly away, or just go on and expire, but I had no idea what else to do with or for it. Later the girls and I checked on it and it had perked up a bit. Was sitting up and had its eyes open. So we were hopeful that it would make a full recovery.

Alas! The sad news we discovered this morning was that the poor birdie didn't make it through the night. The girls are feeling a little put-out with their pets. I tried to explain that it was their nature to hunt. Besides, I honestly don't know how I would have got the thing out of the house otherwise!

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Anonymous said...

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