Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Fragments (and a Giveaway)

It's hard to believe it's already the last week of August. Where has the summer gone? I know... summer's not officially over till September 20, and I try not to start thinking fall until then because our summers are just so short anyway. But it is back-to-school time and that makes it seems like summer is over.

The last few weeks have been busy and our calendar is already filling up two months out. One of my blogging friends (Keetha @ The Eclectic Company) regularly posts Friday Fragments. I keep saying I'm going to start doing that, but somehow I don't get even that much done when Friday comes around. So today is my Fragment post to cover the last week or two.

Like I mentioned earlier in the month, this is my busy season as a Sonlight advisor, so my days have been filled with... well, advisin'! Evenings and weekends have been filled with a wide variety of family activities and responsibilities.

One Saturday we attended an outdoor graduation on the lake pictured above. Yes, he was homeschooled. Which is why his graduation could be in August. On the lake. Followed by a yummy cookout and volleyball. Why not?

We met friends at the park for a picnic that Sunday evening. They have a cute toddler who was fascinated by the ducks. The girls enjoyed following him around making sure he didn't get into trouble while the adults visited.

The next week was the Fair. We went on Thursday evening as a family and just walked around looking at exhibits and visiting with friends. Laura had entered some of her photography. We watched a couple of shows-- a comedian and the sheriff's department demonstrating their K-9 dogs. We love watching the dogs work. The girls went back to the Fair the next day with friends and got in on the rodeo. One evening was enough for me.

Last Saturday Laura and I attended the wedding of one her friends. I have a hard time realizing that I have a daughter who is old enough to get married... but this is the first of her friends to take that step, and the bride is younger than Laura! It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. I loved that the bridemaids' dresses were the exact shade as the sky that day.

Lyle picked me up from the wedding and we headed into town to trade the truck. We were needing something about the same size as the pick-up that would carry more passengers (so we can invite friends to go with us on day trips or road trips) and still tow the trailer. He had picked out a Ford Excursion and done all the negotiating online and over the phone, so all we had to do was sign the papers and swap rigs. That was the easiest car-buying transaction I ever participated in. I think I'll make that a requirement for all future purchases!
It seats 8, which seems huge, but the girls are already making plans for road trips. "How 'bout the Buffalo Round-Up in Montana in October? We could get 4 friends to go with us!" In the meantime, they each get a row of seats to themselves which they think is super cool. As you might have suspected, it is indeed a gas hog, so we won't be driving it much unless we need to tow the travel trailer or shuttle more than 5 passengers. Hopefully we can use it to be a blessing to others.

On Sunday we were invited out for dinner by some new friends at church. We didn't really know them but we had heard about each other, and we welcomed the chance to get acquainted. It is always encouraging to make new friends and feel welcome at a new church.

And now Labor Day weekend is upon us. I'm heading off into the wild blue yonder early Friday morning to meet my mother in Oklahoma City that afternoon. We're going to a family reunion this weekend in the tiny little town she grew up in. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with relatives-- close and distant --and hopefully gathering some research material for my novel. I also hope to do some mini blog posts this weekend like I did the weekend we went to the coast, mostly for the benefit of my family who will be staying home-- but also for friends like Keetha and Denise who like to follow along!

Next week? I plan to start school with Becky. And then the fall activities will start. But I'll save that list for another day.

Whew! Still with me? Good!

I have a give-away to announce! In celebration of back-to-school time, I am giving away a copy of Sonlight Cooks. This is a cookbook I compiled for Sonlight with lots of great family recipes in addition to fun recipes to tie in with history and geography. Just perfect for using along with Sonlight Curriculum, though it can certainly stand alone and be used by anyone whether you are homeschooling or not.

Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. (U.S. addresses only, please.) I will announce the winner September 5.


pse said...

Yea! Just a day and half until I get to see you!

Cristi said...

I'm not entering to win the contest, but I couldn't help but saying, "Wow! I didn't know you compiled the cookbook that we got several years ago." :)

Jaymiebeth said...

We just got your newsletter and stopped by your blog. We are gearing up for starting our first year with Sonlight next Tuesday as well! Your cookbook sounds like a fun addition to liven up our days! Great idea! Thanks!

Maria said...

Hi! I saw your newsletter today and noticed the cookbook giveaway. I have a just turned seven year old who received an apron and cooking date with her grandpa for her birthday. He taught her how to make ricotta cheese. And a cookbook with history and geography tie ins sounded like fun. She is eager to be in the kitchen. Thanks for the cookbook contest!

Farrah said...

Why not enter? Can't have too many cookbooks, right? ;-)