Friday, August 17, 2012


In case you ever wondered when the busy season was for homeschool curriculum companies (such as Sonlight), well, that would be the middle of August. As in, right now. Which is why I'm just now finding time to post about our trip to church camp last weekend.

Early in the year we had made plans to attend the family camp affiliated with the church my brother attends in Nampa. Campmeeting was such a huge part our lives when Lyle and I were growing up, and we want our kids to have similar opportunities for Christian fellowship and spiritual growth.

The campground is in the mountains in southern Idaho, about 6-7 hours from here. There is no north-south Interstate in Idaho. Highway 95 is two-lane most of the way down, but it is a lovely, scenic drive. We left early Thursday morning. The first service wasn't until that evening, so we took our time and just enjoyed the trip.

We arrived mid-afternoon and got the trailer set up. We discovered the "RV Park" part of the campground was a hike of about 1/3 mile to the conference center where the main activities (meals and services) were to take place. The schedule included two meals and two services a day, so we decided we could get by with just making the hike twice a day. Not that we're lazy or anything.
The conference center offered a beautiful setting for fellowship and renewal, with large windows and views of the mountains all around. The decor was distinctively "western" with several heads of various game animals mounted high on the wall-- several elk, a couple of antelope, a caribou, and a moose, among others. It was a little disconcerting to have them staring down at us during the services. But we got used to it. Kinda.

The services were wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed the music ministry of Keith and Sharon Waggoner, and appreciated the excellent teaching on drawing near to God and being "deep people" by Dr. Mike Avery. I had been praying that God would meet with us in the services and renew our hearts and minds. He is so faithful to do that when our hearts are open to Him, isn't He?

Afternoons were meant for family activities. We haven't really connected with many of the families who attend this camp since we live so far away, so that made it a little awkward to get involved in the scheduled activities. It's hard to go up to a group of people who all know each other and asked to be included, ya know? So, we spent a lot of time together, just the four of us. We relaxed on the deck with our electronic gadgets, people-watching, chit-chatting and enjoying the view.

Camp was over Sunday after lunch. We spent the rest of the day traveling home, grateful for the time of spiritual renewal.


Keetha Broyles said...

What gorgeous campground buildings!

Ours in Indiana were - - - - - rustic to say the least. Folks who didn't know what our camp was thought it was a migrant workers camp.

I do not lie.

No matter - - - the Holy Spirit came anyway and we all LOVED it there.

pse said...

Sounds like it was worth the trip!

Denise said...

Sounds like a neat campground to spend the weekend. Dr. Avery is one of my two oldest kids' favorite speakers. Lorna loves when he speaks in their chapel services in college. The Waggoners are sweet too. Hadn't seen them in years 'til we went to Beth Watts Wilhelm's daughters wedding over in Frankfort, IN. Fun reconnecting. Miss you girl! All this talk about our girlhood memories makes me homesick! Have a lovely week!