Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here a Chick... There a Chick...

 My goodness! It's been nearly 3 months since I posted a Chicken Update. I'm sure you'd love to see how they've grown and catch up on all the hen-house gossip, wouldn't you?
You'll be glad to know the Girls continue to be happy and healthy. They are close to full grown now, and are pretty and friendly birds. Becky lets them out to forage in the backyard at least once a day. They are curious critters and will fly up on the roof of the hen-house to see what they can see.
 Cookie takes her job as Head of Ranch Security very seriously and watches them intently. Every now and then she'll try to herd them, but for the most part she leaves them alone.
 It's funny to watch them come down off the hen-house, because when one does, they all decide they need to. They do fly, but they aren't very graceful on the wing. Not that they are all that graceful on foot. Chickens just aren't.

 Much to our surprise, they started laying a couple weeks ago. I had read somewhere that it was usually about 6 months before they started laying, but I guess my information was wrong. Or maybe it said it could take "up to 6 months." Anyway, we weren't really watching for eggs yet.
Becky loves to go out a check for eggs several times a day now. We've been getting 1-3 a day. Once we get 4 in one day we'll know all four Girls are laying. For now we're not sure, because we can't quite tell which eggs belong to who. The white ones are obviously Daisy's (the White Leghorn), but the other three Girls are brown-egg layers. I expect Becky will figure it out before long.
 And then they pull stunts like this... while I'm trying to have my devotions on the deck. Silly Girls!
And here's the Head Chicken Keeper posing with Marigold (who was the one who happened to be the most cooperative at the moment).

...everywhere a chick-chick... E-I-E-I-O!


Keetha Broyles said...

Love, love, loving this! Such cute chicks too.

Farrah said...

I know you've all enjoyed the chickens, but what fun they've especially been for Rebecca! I love to hear her updates. =)

pse said...

Love the eggs and beautiful Chicken Keeper's pictures.