Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today's Gifts

Adding to the 1000 Gifts list I started yesterday. I will keep the ongoing, numbered list on a separate page which can be accessed with the "Joy Dare" tab at the top of my blog. I probably won't post it here every day, so if you're interested in following along you can check there.
  • A Gift in Weakness: Contact lenses.
  • A Second Gift in Weakness: A prescription for migraine medication.
  • A Third Gift in Weakness: A calculator.
  • A Gift Outside: Lilacs in May.
  • A Gift Inside: My antique bedroom set that once belonged to my grandparents.
  • A Gift on a Plate: Oatmeal cookies.
  • A Grace Overheard: Kudos to Laura from her supervisor. "Thank you for rockin' it on the 4th! Great job!"
  • A Second Grace Overheard: From Becky. "What can I help with today?"
  • A Third Grace Overheard:  From a customer. "Thanks for all the good service!"
  • A Gift Old: My mother's bridal veil which I wore on my own wedding day.
  • A Gift New: The hanging basket my family gave me for Mother's Day.
  • A Gift Blue: The Liberty Blue dishes Dad brought home from the grocery store where he worked when I was about 12 "for my hope chest." I still have a few pieces.
  • Something I'm Reading: 1000 Gifts.
  • Something I'm Making: A crocheted hoodie sweater.
  • Something I'm Seeing: Mountains in the distance.
  • One Thing in My Bag: My Kindle.
  • One Thing in My Fridge: A 5-pound block of Tillamook cheddar, Lyle's favorite.
  • One Thing in My Heart: Love for my family.
  • A Grace from Someone I Love: Lyle saying "I love you" as we drift off to sleep.

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Jessie said...

I'm so glad you're doing 1000 Gifts. Great list. Nice to "see" you again. :)