Sunday, September 11, 2005

Book shopping

Seems like there oughta be something interesting to post about. Just too much going on, as usual.

We made a quick run to Boise--down on Thursday, back on Saturday. It's an 8-hour trip each way. The print shop has a contract to print the carbonless forms for the state. (You know how the government has to have everything in triplicate!) With the state capitol being in Boise, we have a lot of printing to deliver down there. So we make the run every two or three months.

My brothers both live down there, so we enjoy getting together with them when we go. One of my sisters-in-law is a book hound like I am... so every chance we have we hit the thrift stores and used book stores looking for goodies!

Right now I am looking for Dr Seuss Beginner Books to add to my collection to use with my younger daughter for school this year. She is supposed to use Dick & Jane and the Dr Seuss easy readers for the first semester. I have several of the Dr Seuss books but I'm looking for more. I found 3 at a used book store for $3 each. That's more than I like to pay for used children's books, but they sell for $8 or $9 new, so I went ahead and got them. I told my SIL, "Watch! We'll probably find these at a thrift store for a quarter or something!" Would you believe? We actually did! Well... just one of them... and it was 39 cents, not a quarter. But, still!

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