Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10 Things That Bring Me Joy

SophieMae tagged me a week or two ago to tell about the music I was listening to. I honestly don't listen to music much. (Weird, I know.) So I never got around to doing the game. However, she posted another one about what brings you joy. She didn't tag me on that one, but I took the liberty of "trading"! I decided it would do me good to think about joy in my life right now...

The challenge: name 10 Things That Bring Me Joy...
  1. Walking with the Lord. His peace gives me joy... even when it seems like I don't feel very joyful.
  2. Talking with my husband. Two weeks from today is our 20th anniversary. What a short 20 years it's been!
  3. Reading to my children. Read-aloud time is the best part of the school day!
  4. Long drives on back roads... or better still, long road trips... Our best family times are usually in the car.
  5. Watching the puppy play. Can't help but smile.
  6. A caramel latte... especially when my husband swings by Starbucks unexpectedly and tells me to get him a mocha and get me whatever I want. Let's see there was a fancy name for a certain style of latte that I really liked... What was it? Macciati? Something like that, seems like. It was creamier or something. Can't remember. But it was yummy!
  7. A good book... and time to read it!
  8. Camping in the mountains. Fresh air. Wood smoke. Time to relax. Mmmmmm....
  9. Time away with my husband. We try to get away for at least one night every year around our anniversary. The kids call it our "honeymoon".
  10. A crackling fire on cold winter evenings. Our house is tiny and crowded but we do enjoy the fireplace!
And a very special #11 for my sweet little nephew, Garrett, who embraces everything in the world with more joy than anyone else I know.

Ha! Reading back over the list you can tell I'm a romantic... and very much in love with husband, can't you?

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