Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We don't pay our pastor enough... or rather, I can understand why that's a job that requires a calling from God. I just can't imagine that anyone would willingly accept the headaches and heartaches of such a job for mere money. Our pastor and his wife were on vacation for 2 weeks, and we had to fill in the gap. I am very grateful they are home now!

Monday I actually got school done in 3 hours. The kids, for once, did what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it. It was wonderful! That evening we printed 50-some sets of the little books I am publishing. We are getting orders in pretty steadily.

Yesterday I had a teleconference for an hour right when I usually start school, so that pretty much blew our morning. Then the monthly homeschool skate meeting was in the afternoon, so we didn't get as much school done as we should have. Still, we got some done... so I was glad for that.

Today was our co-op day. For myself personally I would just as soon not do it... but my kids are enjoying it, and I think it's good for them... so I continue to do my part. I am teaching 3 classes and they are all very different from each other. My newsletter/journalism class is 5 teen boys. Medieval life is 4 teen girls. And Character Qualities is 8 ten-year-old boys! That class is a crack-up! The groups for each class just happened that way. I didn't set it to be for only boys or only girls... and the Character class was open to 4th grade through high school.

Tomorrow I need to go to a tax workshop on Sales & Use tax for my little business... and then take R to speech therapy in the afternoon.

Friday evening is our annual fall weiner roast for the Youth Group.

Let's see... I think Saturday is still pretty much open. At least right now.

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