Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #8

Thirteen Things I Am Thankful For

My Thanksgiving count-down ticker says it's only 7 days until Thanksgiving. It's early this year, and I'm not sure I like that... because that means the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is longer. I guess some people probably consider that a good thing. But for me, a 6-week long holiday season is just too much of a good thing. In any case, Thanksgiving is next week... so for today's Thursday Thirteen I thought I would "count my blessings"... at least as high as 13!
  1. The privilege we have of having a personal relationship with our Creator.
  2. The hope of heaven... this life is not all there is... and "this too shall pass"...
  3. A husband who cherishes me and enjoys spending time with me.
  4. Our beautiful children who bring so much joy to our lives.
  5. A Christian heritage and a loving, supportive family.
  6. Good health... which is something I never want to take for granted.
  7. A comfortable home and many material things we don't really need but enjoy.
  8. Plenty of food... way more than we need!
  9. Many freedoms we enjoy as Americans.
  10. An education... and a limitless supply of books so we never have to stop learning.
  11. The internet, which makes accessing info so quick and easy, and staying in touch with friends and loved ones even easier.
  12. Strength to work hard... and good jobs.
  13. Time to relax and "play" some, too.

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