Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #6

In honor of our 22nd anniversary tomorrow, I thought I'd list:

13 Things I Love About My Husband

(And yes, it could easily be 22 things... to commemorate 22 years... or any number really, because I could go on and on, but then we'd be here forever, and none of us have time for that, do we? So since it's supposed to be 13 things for Thursday, we'll just stick with that!)
  1. He loves me!
  2. He's my best friend. Really. I don't have close "girlfriends"... He's the one I talk everything over with, and while he doesn't always "get" the "girl stuff" I share with him, he's usually willing to listen anyway.
  3. He works hard. Too hard sometimes, but I am really proud that he has such high work ethics.
  4. He talks to me (but not necessarily to anyone else). Most people think he's quiet... and he is... so I appreciate that he will talk to me.
  5. His brown eyes. Everyone in my family has blue eyes.
  6. His sense of humor. This is probably the first thing that attracted me to him. He's not a "clown" (usually) but he definitely can see the silly side of life.
  7. His strength. Physically, emotionally, spiritually...
  8. His common sense. Which seems a stupid thing to mention, but it seems to be lacking in a lot of people I meet.
  9. He is a good dad. The kids (and the dog!) adore him.
  10. He's cute! Well... he is!!!
  11. He likes to drive... and I like to go along for the ride.
  12. His generous spirit. He loves to give and share.
  13. His commitment... to God, to me, to his family, to his job...
Well, that's thirteen so I guess it's time to stop... Happy Anniversary, Dear!


JewelsHud said...

Well, I have to say that I always think it is nice when people recognize the good things about those they love!

By the way, I'd love to enter the book giveaway!


Dori said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's 22 years...we (you) must be getting OLD> ;-)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! November was a good month to get married in!! (Our anniversary is the 6th) :-) I liked your 13 things. Really good!!

I wanted to tell you, I really appreciate you doing the prayer blog for Sandy!!! Thanks for keeping us posted on how she is doing. We've been praying for her and the family!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! Happy, Happy Annie!!