Friday, October 23, 2009

Just some random off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts...

I'm considering a merger. I've been finding it a little overwhelming to keep up with 3 blogs: this one, my book review blog (Another Road to Ramble), and my homeschool blog (Roads to Learning). Initially I thought it would make it easier to have the topics separated, but I'm re-thinking that. I'm seriously considering merging them back into one main blog. What do you think? Any opinions?

Today is "school picture" day. Always such an ordeal to decide on just the right outfit and get the hair fixed. Then drive to the next town where the photographer is set up. But I try to make it a priority every year because I know I'll want those pictures in years to come.

Music lessons are going great! For years I have wished we could afford music lessons. Several years ago we tried piano lessons and that didn't work out very well for us. This fall I discovered that a very dedicated music teacher in our town offers beginning orchestra classes at different ages levels. Group lessons are less than half of what private lessons would be. Not only that, the girls are loving it and I don't have to nag them to practice. I am so pleased!

My latest favorite coffee "additive": a splash of whole milk and a little raw sugar. The raw sugar has a caramely flavor without the HFCS that's in caramel sauce (my real favorite).

I find blogging more fulfilling than Facebooking. However, I have found that the Networked Blogs application makes it easy for me to share my blog posts with my Facebook friends. Best of both worlds! Which do you prefer?

Our 24th anniversary is coming up next week. We like to take a little weekend trip to celebrate when we can. The last couple of years the children have gone with us. A few days ago I mentioned to Becky that our anniversary was coming up. She said, "Oh! Where are we going?"

I've spent way too much time trying to decide which random thought should be the 7th one! Instead of sitting here awhile longer musing over my options I think it's time to get this posted and move on to the next thing!

Have a great weekend!


Karen (KayKay) said...

I like the blogs with a little bit of everything so I think a combined blog would be great.

I don't facebook at all - just write on my blog and follow a homeschool forum.

Happy anniversary!

mary grace said...

I'd merge the blogs for my own sanity. But you're clearly a much more organized thinker than I am, so do whatever works for you.

And CONGRATS on your upcoming anniversary!!!!