Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Opportunities

There aren't many public school experiences that I regret that my girls have missed. One thing that I did enjoy, however, when I was in public high school (we won't say how many years ago) was the opportunity for music training, and I wished the same for my children. Of course, private lessons are available, but due to a number of circumstances we haven't been able to pursue that option. So I had been keeping my eye open for group music classes.

A few weeks ago we got a catalog in the mail from the city Department of Parks and Recreation listing the sports teams being organized for the fall, as well as personal enrichment classes. Last year they listed art classes, but no music. I wasn't very hopeful, but I quickly flipped through it to see if anything caught my eye. I was pleased to discover that a Beginning Orchestra class was being offered for the very reasonable price of $75 for 10 weeks. We hadn't considered violin before, as we already own a piano and a guitar... but my daughter has friends who play violin, so she was definitely interested.

Just a week or two later we got another catalog, this one from the local community college, offering more personal enrichment classes. Wouldn't you know it... a beginning guitar class was offered in that catalog for about the same cost! My daughter was excited. She could take both music classes! Um. No. We didn't think that was very wise, so we made her choose.

She chose violin. Her first class was last night. There are a dozen or so teens and adults in the class (one cello, one viola, and the rest violins). I was amazed at how much they learned in one hour! The instructor told them she is hopeful that they can play a concert by the end of the year, and she would like to see this evolve into an ongoing community orchestra.

I am just so excited that my daughter has this opportunity. We also registered my younger daughter for a middle-school age class which will start in 2 weeks and move a little slower.

If you're interested in inexpensive music or art lessons for your homeschooled children, check to see what's available in your community. It may not be just sports!

And speaking of music, a couple of Sonlight employees have set up a new music blog: Sonlight Music. I will be interested to see what they have to say on the topic.

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