Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ski Report - Week 4

It was foggy and drizzly when we headed up the mountain this past Friday. It seems a little strange to go skiing when there's no snow--none!--on the ground when we get on the gondola to ride up the mountain.
We were assured that it was snowing at the lodge, and when we got to the top we found it to be true!

The weird thing about the weather this week was that it kept changing every few minutes. First, it would be relatively clear, with a few clouds, but a decent view to the valley.
The next time I looked out we were completely socked in, with the snow just a-flyin'! It changed like that several times throughout the day.
When the girls had had enough of the snow and the wind we headed back down during a "clear" spell. We enjoyed this breath-taking view of the Silver Valley.
That's I-90 winding through the valley. I have really appreciated having that easy access to skiing this year. I would much rather ride the gondola up the mountain than have to drive the icy mountain roads.

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