Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ski Report - Week 3

I'm always amazed at how much the weather varies from one week to the next in the winter. You would think that snow is snow, and as long as there was snow that skiing conditions would be pretty much the same. That's not the case, though.
The first week we went up the mountain this year, it was very windy with snow blowing all around. The second week was partly cloudy and warm, with melting snow in areas. This past week the temp was back below freezing and it was very foggy and snowing. The falling snow, of course, melted on the kids, so they were soaked when they came in for lunch. After they warmed up a bit they put on dry gloves (we had taken spares) and went back out for more fun on the mountain!

The classes (or instructors) on Silver Mountain haven't been as helpful as they were last year at Mt. Spokane, but at least the kids have plenty of time to practice on their own before and after class each week. I'm glad for this opportunity for them to get lots of fresh air and exercise!


pse said...

What would be "perfect snow" for skiing?

The Watts Family said...

Great Picture!! ~Brrrr Blessings Love Heather