Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn photography

Our favorite thing about where our house is situated is our view of the western sky. We have the most beautiful sunsets this time of the year, and we can watch them from our back deck. Since we live in a neighborhood, the view is not completely unobstructed, so the girls like to walk down the street a couple blocks to get the best pictures.
We just have a point-and-shoot camera, but Laura manages to get some nice shots right along. I liked this one she took of the doorbell, too. She's got her eye on a nicer camera, and would like to possibly take a photography course next year. We'll just have to see.


Dori said...

LOve the doorbell shot. She's quite artistic. I would encourage the photography thing...she's got an eye for it. JMHO

pse said...

Great pictures. Looks like fall!