Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Manito Park

 It's amazing to me that a person can live somewhere for years and still discover new places! Especially when it's been 12 years (that we've lived in north Idaho) and the "new" place is a 90-acre park on Spokane's South Hill that has been there for a hundred years! I just gotta wonder, how in the world did we not know about it all this time?
 A couple weeks ago we had Laura's senior pictures made. A friend of mine does portraits as a hobby, and when I asked her about doing them, she suggested Manito Park. I had never heard of it, but she persuaded me that it would be perfect. She was right!
 I was in awe of the rose garden. Row upon row of beautiful roses in a wide range of colors and sizes, in full bloom. Each bush was carefully labeled with the name of the variety.
 The most unusual one I saw was this red-and-white-striped beauty. It's called "Fourth of July!"
 There was a dahlia bed not too far from the roses. I had never seen such huge dahlias... and again, in a wide range of colors.
I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through the carefully cultivated gardens that morning. I didn't have time to see everything I would have liked to, but I was happy to know that it's only 30-45 minutes away, so you can bet we'll be back!

Although, I expect the pretty flowers may be gone by now... Jack Frost doing his thing, you know. But it's something to look forward to next spring!


Kel said...

So beautiful. I'll have to let my sister-in-law know, she lives in that area as well.

Aliene said...

Beautiful pictures, Karla. Still inviting you to stop by. love you.

Guiding Light said...

Amazing! And...I show you as following me on Google Friend Connect...I've changed where my blog is and would appreciate you following the new blog. It is Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Karen said...

In 1967 I lived in an apartment within walking distance of Manito Park and spent many wonderful visits there. Thank you for the lovely memories. Karen in OR