Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Campfire Fuel

We don't heat with wood at home, but we do love a good fire when we're camping. So Lyle keeps an eye on Craig's List for bargains on firewood. Last weekend he found a deal on "mill ends."
 We loaded up the back of the pickup with short pieces of 2x4s. Then we packed it into paper boxes. It packed nicely because it was boards and not logs. That will make it more convenient to load up to take camping, too. We ended up with 38 boxes full!
It's probably not the kind of wood you would want to burn slowly in your wood stove, but for camping it will be great. It will be fun to sit around the fire on crisp mountain summer evenings and take turns tossing the small-ish pieces in.

Campfire popcorn, s'mores, coffee in the percolator, conversation by starlight... Is it camping season yet?


Making Memories 1999 said...

Sounds like fun! =)

pse said...

You could even have a fire in the back yard. Sounds cozy.

Heather said...

Sounds like you found a great deal!

I love camping, but I'm usually traveling by motorcycle, so there's not a lot of space on there to put firewood! LOL

Have a great day.