Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Percolated Coffee

I've been wanting an enamel-ware coffee percolator for a long time. When we go camping in the national forest we don't have electrical hookups, so I've been getting by with instant coffee or those "singles" bags that are like tea bags. I was happy to find just the coffee pot I had been wishing for at a garage sale last weekend for $3. And while I plan to put it to practical use, I just love looking at it!

The problem is, I'm not real sure how to make coffee in it! I know I need to buy a different "grind" of coffee... percolator rather than drip. And I know the coffee grounds go in the basket at the top. Then the water just goes in the bottom below the dry grounds? How much coffee to how much water? How do you know when it's done? Anybody know?

The print shop where my husband works has reserved a group campground for this weekend. It will be the perfect opportunity to try out my new coffee pot. But I'm sure I'll want to offer a cup of coffee to our friends. Hopefully I can master the trick to making percolated coffee and be able to serve something that tastes good!


Elaine said...

my friend cindy uses a percolator, if you contact me i will give you her email address and you can mention my name and ask her :)

Dena said...


Thanks for your comment and I think suggesting a paint job is a WONDERFUL idea! lol

I love your coffee pot, as well, and would definitely leave it out on display. I'm pretty sure you can get away with just using regular coffee. We always did. Just give it a test try before you head out.

pse said...

I didn't know you were wanting a percolator. I have one you might want.

Since I don't drink or make coffee I wouldn't be much help, however when I used to make coffee in an electric percolator, people said it was good. That was a looooong time ago!

Patty said...

Ohhh, I love looking at it too. I don't drink coffee but I would have picked up the percolator too.

Farrah said...

You know more than me! No one here drinks coffee. Lol!

Have fun on that camping trip! :-)