Thursday, August 7, 2008

Live from Missouri

We had a much shorter day on the road today. We drove a couple hours this morning and then spent most of the day visiting relatives in Kansas. Tonight we are staying in Kansas City. We were happy to get to our motel earlier in the evening tonight.

Since this road trip is such a rushed one, we don't have a lot of time to linger along the way. It's not as enjoyable as a more leisurely trip, but we are still having fun. The kids have the luxury of a DVD player in the backseat. They think that's great. We also have XM radio in the car, which is wonderful for as much as we travel. And, of course, we've enjoyed the scenery and the opportunity for conversation. So we're having a great time even though we haven't "done" much.

I decided before we left that I would like to get a collectible thimble from each state for the tiny lower cubby holes of my type case. I've been surprised at how many of the gas stations have them in their convenience stores. It's been fun to look for them. So far I have one from Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas. I'll take a picture when I get home so you can see how many I end up with.

We are headed for our college reunion tomorrow. We will be staying on the old campus, which is now a church campground, so I don't anticipate having internet access again until Sunday evening. We'll see.

Tomorrow's destination: Greenfield, Indiana.

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The Going Blog said...

Yea! Maybe I will get to see you since you are coming to my town :-)