Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Eleanor of Aquataine

I was at the library last night and picked up a dusty ol' book on "Eleanor of Aquitaine". With my interest in genealogy, I recognized that she is (supposedly) one of my ancestors. At least I've traced my family line back through several branches to her. I don't know how well documented all that is, but since she lived nearly 1000 years ago I think it's entirely possibly that just about anybody of European ancestry could trace at least one branch of their family tree back to "royalty." But anyway, since I have made that connection, I thought it would be interesting to read about her. She was married to 2 different kings, King Louis VII of France (whom she married at age 15 and later divorced), and then King Henry II of England. I want to research some more about her this morning on the internet.

Looks like that "dusty ol' book" is still in print! Must be a good one to have stayed around this long. Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings

Who was she?

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