Friday, March 22, 2002


This is something I've been wondering about...

Does anyone do much entertaining any more? During the 16 years I've been married, we've done relatively little entertaining... nor have we been invited to others' homes very often. Is that a geographical thing or is it a generational thing? I've always heard about "southern hospitality" but since it's been many years since I've actually lived in the South I wonder if folks down there entertain their friends more than people around here do.

But then again everyone everywhere always seems to be so very, very busy... with work and school and church and recreational activities, that lots of people don't seem to even be in their own homes much any more, much less visiting friends. And when we *are* home we have computers (the internet), dozens of cable channels, videos, etc. to where we don't "need" to visit, or play games, or interact with other people at all to be "entertained." So I wonder... is "visiting" something else that is "gone with the wind?"

Take me back to Mayberry! I'd love to sit out on the porch and rock with Aunt Bea, while Andy plays his guitar, and Barney suggests goin' down to the fillin' station to get a bottle of pop! Doesn't that sound SO relaxing??

Well, anyway, what got me thinking about all of this was the this article: Hospitality vs. Entertaining

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