Saturday, June 11, 2005

Random Foolishness

I always think of things to blog about when I'm out and about, and not at my computer, of course. Then when I sit down at the keyboard I never can remember what any of them were. Wonder if I start just typing "stream of consciousness" if it will come to me? (Isn't that what you call it when you just write whatever pops into your head?)

I went in Safeway today to pick up a few things. I wanted to get a tube of Mentholatum to put in my purse because my nose has just been really dry lately. Not sure why, but I thought Mentholatum might help. And, no, Vicks Rub wouldn't do. I used to think they were the same, but they're not. Well, Safeway had several different sizes and variations of Vicks Rub, but no Mentholatum! I thought that was very weird. I asked the pharmacist about it. She said that apparently they quit making it because she couldn't get it any more. How strange is that? Mentholatum has been around forever, hasn't it? I was in a different grocery store later and checked there, and lo-and-behold, they had it! So I bought 2 tubes, just in case this is leftover stock and they won't be able to get any more. Hmmm... I just Googled Mentholatum and found Doesn't look like they've gone out of business to me. I don't know what Safeway's problem is!

Hey! I managed to get rid of 8 boxes full of books and other miscellaneous school-related stuff in the past week or so, at 2 used-curriculum sales! I made about $125 for my efforts. I was pretty pleased. And lest you fill sorry for me, parting with all those great books... don't worry! It hardly made a dent in the massive library of books and homeschooling supplies still inhabiting this house!

I think I'm going to start sneaking a few out of the house one-by-one by participating in if I can figure out some good places to just leave a book lying around where someone else might pick it up and enjoy it. I've registered a few to leave in geocaches, but haven't had any reports back on them yet.

Tomorrow night we're having a graduation service and reception for the 3 boys in our youth group who graduated from high school this year. We are going to make homemade ice cream for the "party" tomorrow afternoon. Apparently my kids don't remember making home-made ice cream before. We used to have an electric freezer but the motor was ruined in a flood we had in our basement years ago. May have even been before the kids were born, I don't remember. But we're going to borrow an old-fashioned hand-crank freezer. That will be fun!

Speaking of the Class of '05 reminds me of something I wanted to comment on... when we get to the year 2010 are we going to start saying "twenty-ten" rather than "two-thousand-ten"? Probably we will, since it's one less syllable. For this decade most people say "two thousand five", of course, or maybe just "o-five". Either is okay with me. What bugs me to death, though, is the people who say "two-o-five" like it's the year 205! Or even funnier, is when people write it 20005! They have to write out 2000 and then just tack the 5 on the end!

Okay. I guess that's enough random foolishness for one night.

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