Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Totally Random Thoughts

I am beginning to wonder if life will ever slow down. Trying to wear several hats at once is just utterly exhausting. I think it would help me feel less stressed if we could get caught up on some things around here... and then hopefully get into a "maintenance" routine. Maybe this weekend? We thought about trying to go camping for the holiday weekend, but I think we've decided against that. To be honest, as fun and relaxing as camping sounds, it almost sounds better to stay home and work on getting caught up. Then maybe we could make some homemade ice cream or something like that for the 4th. We can see the city fireworks from our yard... yes, they're a mile away, but it beats fighting the crowd!

An older couple in our church has a son who is an Army chaplain. He's been on "combat deployment" (is that what they call it? I think that's what he said...) to Iraq 5 times! He and his family are currently visiting his folks, so they were at church tonight. Our pastor invited him to share about his experiences. It was really interesting. Sounds like Army chaplains are very similar to regular pastors, but of course, have different issues to deal with. I was just amazed at how free they are to witness to and pray with the soldiers. What about "separation of church and state"? I mean, the whole fiasco about not being able to display the 10 Commandments on government property, taking "under God" out of the Pledge, not allowing prayer in schools... but yet the government (military) pays for Christian chaplains? I don't get it!! I'm glad for them... but I don't get it. Inconsistency drives me crazy! Actually, I think I do get it... in times of crisis Americans do know where to turn. They make noises about being tolerant and politically correct, but when something like 9-11 happens they all flock to the churches and solemnly remind each other to pray! Same thing with the military, I s'pose. When our soldiers are in "harm's way" the things that really matter suddenly come to the forefront.

Hmmm... well, I thought I had more ideas to ramble about, but my random-thought-generator seems to have suddenly gone on the fritz. I think I hear the bed calling my name...

More later...

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