Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Fishy Tale

The pet population at our house increased by 150% a few weeks ago. We have a sweet little dog who adores us... and a cat who allows us to pet her when she's in the mood. We enjoy our pets, but as much as we travel I was convinced that 2 pets were more than enough for our family. Naturally the kids have different notions on the subject!

A few weeks ago we were camping on the Coeur d'Alene River. The girls had so much fun playing in the water, catching frogs... and tiny little fishes! They brought a couple of little minnow-sized fish, in a cup, back to our campsite. "Mom, can we keep them? We have a fish bowl we could put them in!" We really do! I had picked it up at a thrift store last fall when someone gave us some frog eggs to watch. The frog eggs never did anything so we soon dumped them out, and here was this nice bowl just going to waste!!

So I told the kids that no, they couldn't take the river fish home... but maybe we would get a couple of goldfish to put in our bowl. Yeah! They liked that idea, and happily released the poor little river fish back into their native habitat.

Well, an idea from Mom is the next thing to a promise... so in a few days we went to WalMart and paid 29 cents a piece for 3 tiny little goldfish. I had the lady dish up 3 differently marked ones, because I knew that the fish would be named and I imagined it would be good if we could tell the little critters apart. I was not surprised that the fish had names before we were out of the WalMart parking lot! Oscar is the kinda grayish one. His sisters are Goldy (the gold one) and Penny (the white one with a red spot on its spine). No, we have no clue what their true genders are... we just made 'em up, along with the names!

My "logic" behind buying 3 fish was that I figured at least one would die, and I didn't really want to be making multiple trips to WalMart to replace the dearly departed. Much to my surprise, it is over 2 weeks later and all 3 fish seem healthy and happy. Well, at least to me they do. The children are of the opinion that the poor little things are just starving to death! You see, Mom only allows the fish to be fed once a day... but every time someone walks past the fish bowl Oscar, Goldy, and Penny gather around to be fed. And they are so disappointed when no food is forthcoming. They spend their days swimming around just hunting for food. The poor little malnourished things!

[This post was inspired by Mary Grace's post "Adventures with Potty Fish." For more fishy fun, head over and read her post!]

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Vader's Mom said...

How fun! Are you going to post a photo of your new family members?