Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #1

Thirteen Places I've Been Known to Knit:
  1. In the car on road trips... talking, listening to the radio, looking at the scenery.
  2. Watching movies in the evening with my husband.
  3. Sitting by the campfire while listening to audio books or OTR on my MP3 player.
  4. In the airport waiting on my flight.
  5. At homeschool skate while watching the kids and talking to other moms.
  6. In the doctor's office waiting room.
  7. While on the phone.
  8. At family get-togethers while gabbing.
  9. While playing Scrabble in between turns.
  10. In a hotel room.
  11. In our camper trailer.
  12. On the porch swing.
  13. At the park watching the kids play.


Buck Naked Politics said...

Now that shows true dedication! Happy TT.

Misa Gracie said...

Great TT!

1. not while driving I hope - har har.

That reminds me, time to break out my needles for all of the scarves and hats for this winter!

Jeremy said...

So this is not an illness that just my wife has? See mine on the Memes tab on the left of my blog and happy tt!