Sunday, September 30, 2007

7 Random Facts Tag

"7 Random Facts" about me... Goodness! Is there anything random left to tell after all this time? Let's see...
  1. I have a birthmark in the palm of my right hand. It's how I tell my right from left. Seriously. I am "directionally challenged." I have no problems with compass directions, but to this day I can't do left and right without thinking about it... or checking for that birthmark!
  2. I usually always have a cup of something hot on my desk. My favorite hot beverage is a caramel latte... but since that has a tendency to "go to waist"... I try to alternate with an assortment of herbal teas.
  3. I love road trips. Getting there really is half the fun! (And it's a good thing, since we live half way across the continent from most of our relatives.)
  4. I named my website "Roads to Everywhere" because the internet is like a road trip to me. You start out with one objective, but it's easy to get side-tracked... and you never know where you'll end up, or what adventures you may have along the way.
  5. I have 29 nieces and nephews, and 14 great-nieces and nephews.
  6. I have 31 first cousins (not counting in-laws), and 5 of those are double cousins.
  7. Did I mention I come from a large family?


Dori said...

How funny...I have 31 first cousins too and 5 double cousins.

MG said...

Alright, here's one I've never quite gotten--are "double cousins" the same as "second cousins"? Is it jsut a regional difference in what you'd call them?

Karla said...

No. Most people don't have double cousins. Double cousins are when your dad's sibling is married to your mother's sibling and they have kids... they are your cousins on both sides of the family -- double cousins. In my case, two of Dad's sisters married two of Mother's brothers.

Second cousins are the kids of your parents' first cousins.

First-cousins-one-removed are the kids of your first cousins. (I've heard a lot of people refer to this relationship as "second cousins" but it's really not.)

Way more than you wanted to know, huh?

MG said...

Thanks for clearing *that* up! :-)As someone with a slightly twisted family tree, I can see how those terms could be useful! For instance:

-my great-uncle married his first-cousin, and always remarked how nice it was that she didn't have to change her name.

-my widowed grandfather married his brother's widow, who was also his first cousin

-my great-grandmother had a child (my grandmother) with a man whose brother she later married. These men were her half-brother's half-brothers. (They shared a father, which she and her half-brother did not.)

Rural Appalachia. That's all I'm gonna say. :-)