Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #33 - "U"

Continuing with my alphabet theme, here are 13 things in my life that start with the letter U:
  • Unabridged. I like books that haven't been condensed. I want to read the whole thing!
  • Uncles. Let's see... I have... hmm... 10 living uncles, plus 4 great-uncles.
  • Uncountable. My blessings.
  • Unction. A word I've heard preachers use, but I can't say I really know what it means. (Just looked it up. It means "anointing.")
  • Understanding. Something I seek, along with wisdom.
  • Undertake. I have a tendency to undertake too many projects at once.
  • Unique. I enjoy God's creativity in making each one of us an individual.
  • United States of America. Land of the free and the home of the brave.
  • Update. I try to keep my blog updated frequently.
  • Upbringing. I am grateful for the happy childhood my parents provided for me.
  • Uplifting. I want to be an encouragement and have an uplifting attitude.
  • Urban legends. Email forwards crack me up. I like to go to Snopes and check out the wild stories to see which ones are true and which ones aren't. (Most aren't.)
  • URL. I know it's the internet address for a website, and I should know what it means... but I forgot. No worries. Wikipedia to the rescue! It's Uniform Resource Locator. Yeah. That's what I was gonna say!


Also Known As Alicia said...

What a cute idea! Have a Happy Thursday!

pse said...

How creative you are!

Farrah said...

That's a challenging letter, too! Good job!