Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Story in Candy

I came across a neat devotional recently that uses different candies to represent parts of the Christmas story. ("Jesus is the 'Riesen' for the season!")My daughter plans to present it when we have my brother-in-law's family over for a Christmas get-together this weekend. She plans to put each kind of candy (enough for everyone to have a piece) in a festive Christmas bag along with the corresponding Bible verse. They have 6 children so she will ask each person to read a verse and pass out the candy for that verse at the appropriate time as she goes through the devotional. I think it will be a really neat way to start our gift-opening time.

We couldn't find Rocky Road bars commercially, so she used this easy recipe to make her own!Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!


Nicol said...

That's great! Thanks for sharing. I will be adding this to my idea book for next year!

Janeen said...

Wow, this is a great version! I've never seen this before! And the homemade treats make it even more special~ thanks for sharing with us, I will remember this for next year!

Farrah said...

Love this idea!!